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My New Speaker Demo Video!

As many of you know, I consider it my mission to help each person live an extraordinary life by fulfilling their unique purpose in the world. Specifically, through my work at The Ghannad Group, I guide others in transforming their workplace culture such that they experience unprecedented success and fulfillment, no matter where they are on the organizational chart. Part of that effort involves outreach, and that’s where this new speaker demo video comes in!

A Thanksgiving Tribute to My Team

The American Thanksgiving holiday is always a great opportunity and reminder to step back and appreciate, and express gratitude for, all the blessings we have in our lives. In that spirit, I decided to dedicate this week’s post to expressing my gratitude to our very own team here at The Ghannad Group, by publicly acknowledging them for who they are and what they do to make it possible for us to pursue our passion as our profession. I hope you will forgive my indulgence in this one internally focused post, and I hope you will be inspired to take the time to privately and publicly acknowledge your teammates for the ways in which they contribute to your own success.

"Transformation Talk" Kintone Ebook and Site Update

Firstly, I want to assure our readers that we will be resuming our normal posting schedule next week, when we will be posting the 10th episode of the Transformative Leader podcast. This week, however, we are doing something a little different again. This week's blog post comes to you in the form of an ebook titled "Transformation Talk: Conversations with Leaders Driving Organizational Change" from Kintone, the solution provider for Business Transformation Platforms. My guest blog post which was originally published on Kintone's Leadership Blog, is featured on pages 4-10, followed by almost 50 pages full of valuable perspective form nine other respected experts with a great deal of experience in leading change and transformation. This resource is definitely worth reading and sharing, and I am glad to share it with all of you and I'm confident you will find a few nuggets in it that you can use.

The Transformative Leader Workshop Retreat Recap | February 2017

Last week, we held our second public workshop at Serenbe and we could not be happier about the caliber of participants we had at the event. Once again, we had a great mix of industries represented, as well as different functions, levels of responsibility, and geographic locations, not to mention a variety of business situations and challenges. Our participants came from 8 companies across 9 states and they took my request to heart that they should treat the session as a potluck, rather than a buffet, and they made massive contributions to each other and to our team.