"Transformation Talk" Kintone Ebook and Site Update

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog post today to bring you this update:

Firstly, I want to assure our readers that we will be resuming our normal posting schedule next week, when we will be posting the 10th episode of the Transformative Leader podcast. This week, however, we are doing something a little different again. This week's blog post comes to you in the form of an ebook titled "Transformation Talk: Conversations with Leaders Driving Organizational Change" from Kintone, the solution provider for Business Transformation Platforms. My guest blog post which was originally published on Kintone's Leadership Blog, is featured on pages 4-10, followed by almost 50 pages full of valuable perspective form nine other respected experts with a great deal of experience in leading change and transformation. This resource is definitely worth reading and sharing, and I am glad to share it with all of you and I'm confident you will find a few nuggets in it that you can use.

In addition to the ebook, we have some website news as well, as I’m sure regular readers and visitors of the site may have noticed that it looks quite different!

Naseem, our Director of Business Development who wears many hats, took on our website redesign as business has shifted since my “rewirement.” As such, we now have two websites. On amirghannad.com, you’ll find my blog and podcasts, and still be able to purchase my book. We also now have a separate site for our business as a whole, The Ghannad Group, where you can find out more about our various offerings and engage with us regarding opportunities to partner with your organization in the future. The two sites are linked and should work seamlessly. We hope you don’t find the transition too disruptive and like the new flow of the websites. Next week, we will be back to our normal schedule of blog posts and podcasts. As always, we value and welcome your feedback. Please email us if you have any questions or comments.

Have a great week! May you Boldly Declare, Courageously Pursue, and Abundantly Achieve the Extraordinary! I would love to hear about your victories and/or challenges. Please leave your comments below or send me an email at amir@theghannadgroup.com.

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