"Amir is the culture spark that every organization needs.
He has a unique set of experiences that allow him to inspire everyone he meets to take ownership of their own destiny and push themselves to be extraordinary."

- Maria Gamble
Senior Product Manager, R&D, Campbell Soup Company

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We guide you through the process of assessing the pertinent aspects of your culture, and identifying the high leverage interventions that would maximize your organization's potential. 


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We facilitate the creation of a comprehensive actionable plan, customized to your specific business situation, and developed in consultation with your leadership team, to take your organization to the next level of results and morale.

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We provide as much ongoing support as needed in the implementation of your plan to ensure that your culture transformation is successful and sustainable.

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Our Distinct Advantage

As a result of Amir's 30+ years of leadership experience in manufacturing and other corporate functions across multiple continents, industries, and business situations, he is uniquely qualified to guide you to go beyond disjointed improvement initiatives and embrace a comprehensive approach to transforming your organization's culture and results. By working with you to assess your culture, work processes, structure and capabilities, you will be able to expertly identify those aspects of the culture that are holding you back from sustainably improving your organizational capacity. Using decades of experience with tools and techniques proven to produce results in even the most unfavorable business situations, Amir coaches your team through creating a journey map based on the key high leverage priorities, and then partners with you as you execute it to unleash the full potential of the resources and talent available to you.

  • Establish compelling business need
  • Identify gaps in results and capabilities 
  • Review organizational design features
  • Define ideal culture
  • Identify strengths and opportunities
  • Brainstorm and prioritize the work
  • Create journey map with timelines and owners
  • Establish robust review process
  • Identify implementation support needs
  • Secure resources to execute the work