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Go on a personal journey of self-discovery and receive an abundance of insight into the beliefs, skills, actions, and habits of Transformative Leaders.

We are all leaders in some form or fashion. Whether you are leading a team at work, you are involved in your church or community, you are caring for your family, or you are pursing personal goals and aspirations in life, you are practicing some form of leadership. The quality of your results and the amount of fulfillment you get out of such pursuits depends less on your specific circumstances and much more on how well you understand and apply a set of timeless and universal leadership principles.

Unfortunately, the education and training we receive in the course of our academic and professional careers still leaves most of us completely unaware of the simple truths about what’s keeping us from declaring, pursuing, and achieving the extraordinary in our lives. 

The Transformative Leader is an easy read chock-full of entertaining stories and anecdotes presented in twenty short One Point Lessons. Each lesson is designed to put you in touch with the extraordinary leader in you, and to compel you to think and act in ways that will make your career and life as fulfilling and rewarding as you want them to be. Each lesson comes with a set of discovery questions and recommended actions that will guide you in the process of applying the material in your life, in a way that makes a difference for you.

If you do have formal leadership responsibilities, you will find an abundance of insight in the book on the mindset of leaders and ways in which you can cultivate those in yourself.  You will also be introduced to the characteristics of a High Commitment Culture where everyone on the team is fired up about making extraordinary things happen, and ways to get your team there, no matter where you are on the organizational chart.

What People Are Saying

“Clearly one of the best books on leadership to come along in years. A must read for new leaders! Even experienced leaders would be wise to study this book.”
Mark Baker, Former Executive Director & Certified Facilitator, Shingo Institute

“Many books invest too much time building support for their concept, only getting to the meat after wearing their reader down with stats. Your style gets right to the work and engages the mind and person.”
— Brad van Dam, President & CEO, Marich® Confectionery Company

“Apply the principles in this impactful book and your life and your organization will transform.”
 Mike Hoseus, Co-author of Toyota Culture: The Heart and Soul of the Toyota Way, 2009 Shingo Research Award Winner

“The Transformative Leader should be read and re-read by any manager who wishes to make a difference!”
— Reut Schwartz-Hebron, Senior Consultant, Founder of the Key Change Institute, Author of Making Difficult Change Simple

“With a compelling message grounded in connecting examples, Amir unlocks leadership awareness and provides simple and effective approaches to allow any leader at any state in their personal development journey to make real progress in developing their intentional leadership self. The Transformative Leader enables you to discover the leader within you as opposed to changing you into one. Armed with insights and understanding you will be equipped to develop and grow your organization’s culture of engagement and as a result performance.”
Greg Flickinger Ph.D., Vice President of Manufacturing and Corporate Engineering Snyder’s-Lance Inc.

“Amir Ghannad has drawn on his wealth of personal and professional experiences to write a practical and powerful book on what it takes to be an effective leader and to change the culture around you.  ‘The Transformative Leader’ is an easy read and filled with lessons anyone in a position of responsibility for leading others can put to immediate good use. His twenty ‘One Point Lessons’ – each no more than a few pages and each making a solid point – are especially powerful.  Each makes an important point on its own, and collectively they encompass what it takes to be a great leader.”
Bill Waddell, Author, Speaker, and Principal at Bill Waddell Manufacturing Leadership Support

“The fact that Amir was and still is an effective leader of people makes his words, stories, and message much more meaningful and impactful. I really like how he assembled the main content into 20 easy to understand, relate-able “one point lessons” to zero in on each specific principle. The end of chapter summary, reflective questions, and recommended actions make his book a valuable tool and resource that can be used to guide yourself and your team to the next level. I especially liked the chapter on “Passion & Drama.” I highly recommend reading and adding this book to your library.”
Mack Story, Leadership Expert & Author of Blue Collar Leadership

“Amir does an amazing job of providing both conceptual and practical approaches to transforming a culture from within. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to see the vision and values of their company consistently displayed across the entire organization.”
Nathan Artt, Owner/President at Ministry Solutions