8 Foundational Principles of Transformative Leadership

If there is one thing I have learned about leadership, it’s that there is no secret formula or silver bullet that works for everyone in every situation. There is an abundance of leadership advice out there on what to do …

The Missing Link in Your Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

One of the greatest challenges, and opportunities, on any team is to create synergy among team members with different backgrounds, styles, and preferences.  Organizations that miss the mark on this often end up either enduring their diversity in hopes that someday it will work for them, rather than against them, or deliberately or subconsciously opting to create a homogeneous team where conflict does not exist.  Unfortunately, both of these options rob the team of the synergy and the ensuing extraordinary results that could come from people of different talents and backgrounds working in concert.

Why Every Leader Should Become Multi-Lingual

If you are uni-lingual and don’t even want to read this post because you’re afraid I am going to talk you into learning a foreign language, please don’t leave! That’s not what I’m talking about…

10 Steps to Career Fulfillment and World Peace

Unless you are a head of state or hold a critical post in government, you may be thinking, “What does my career have to do with world peace?” My answer is “everything!” It’s plain and simple, while some of us are busy trying to make deals and find temporary solutions that will stop people from killing each other over a piece of land or their ideological beliefs, most of us have lost sight of the simple truth that the key to a peaceful world is peaceful people.