An Introspective Approach to Creating Transformation | The Transformative Leader Podcast 025

Think of the greatest challenge you are facing at your workplace right now. It could be certain results that are falling short of the target. It could be that you're struggling to influence people to collaborate and work together. Maybe you are working on a project with tight timelines and not enough resources. How would you like to significantly accelerate your progress in dealing with this challenge, along with others that might come up along the way? What if you could receive the coaching and support it takes to create breakthrough results and discover just how powerful you are as a leader in the process? This is what happens in The Transformative Leader Workshop and the follow-up coaching and support that the participants receive over the course of 3 months afterwards.

The Transformative Leader Workshop Retreat Recap | February 2017

Last week, we held our second public workshop at Serenbe and we could not be happier about the caliber of participants we had at the event. Once again, we had a great mix of industries represented, as well as different functions, levels of responsibility, and geographic locations, not to mention a variety of business situations and challenges. Our participants came from 8 companies across 9 states and they took my request to heart that they should treat the session as a potluck, rather than a buffet, and they made massive contributions to each other and to our team.