My New Speaker Demo Video!

As many of you know, I consider it my mission to help each person live an extraordinary life by fulfilling their unique purpose in the world. Specifically, through my work at The Ghannad Group, I guide others in transforming their workplace culture such that they experience unprecedented success and fulfillment, no matter where they are on the organizational chart. Part of that effort involves outreach, and that’s where this new speaker demo video comes in!

The 90/10 Rule of Effective Communication and Leadership

Each one of us has our own primary or preferred style of communication, and this is something that affects how we show up in pretty much every area of our lives. This is obviously the case in how we speak, write, or behave towards others, but how we occur to ourselves is also subtly influenced by our preferred style of communication. Whether this primary style is rooted in our temperament and natural inclination to be and show up a certain way, or whether it is reinforced and consciously cultivated by the successes we have had using it, we are attached to our preferred style, for better or worse. In the absence of intentional effort to be and show up differently, our default tendencies will always take us back to our familiar mode of operation, even if it may not be the most effective way of conveying our message. This is an important distinction in general, but it is one that it is especially pertinent for speakers to understand and put into action.

A Crash Course in Effective Public Speaking | The Transformative Leader Podcast 027

Whether you are a professional speaker or aspire to overcome your fear of public speaking and effectively convey your message, I believe you will find the tips and suggestions in this episode to be practical and immediately applicable. In this audio recap of my recent blog post, I go beyond the traditional public speaking tips and share a number of powerful ideas in three categories of actionable suggestions, namely, "Know your audience," "Know your message," and "Effective Delivery." Any one of these suggestions has the potential to make you a more effective presenter, but combined, they will ensure that you transform your ability to contribute to and influence others in a way that makes a difference for them, personally and professionally.

How to Become an Effective Public Speaker

Whether you are professional speaker or not, I’m sure you would agree that most of us would benefit from being able to more effectively communicate our message to a group of people in a public setting. Unfortunately, statistics show that for most of us fear of death comes second only to the fear of public speaking! That means most of would rather die than get in front of a bunch of people and push air over our vocal chords for a few minutes. Rarely is this fear the result of an actual lack of ability. Rather, it is the result of the tremendous psychological pressure we place on ourselves to perform well and project a favorable image in public, coupled with our beliefs about our own ability and self-worth, all combined in a situation where being the center of attention makes us hypervigilant of bodily sensations and reactions that are out of our control. And I haven’t even mentioned whether the content of the speech is good or not! The good news is that there are all kinds of tips and techniques out there to help you overcome your fear and become more comfortable with public speaking. But the bad news is that, honestly, none of them really ever worked for me.