"The Psychology of Transformative Leadership" - An Interview with Craig Dowden | The Transformative Leader Podcast 035

In this episode of The Transformative Leader Podcast, I am excited to bring you a discussion with business psychologist and positive psychology coach, Craig Dowden, Ph.D. In this episode, Craig takes us through an evidence based road map of becoming an effective leader. As anyone who follows me knows, I am a big fan of positive psychology. But whereas I have been practicing it without a degree for most of my life, Craig is an expert when it comes to this topic and specifically where it relates to leadership and business. During our discussion, Craig brings up fascinating research, data, and studies revealing the rationale behind well-known leadership principles. Although I was familiar with the efficacy of many of these principles, I found the science behind their inner workings to be quite eye-opening, and I’m sure our listeners will feel the same way.

"The Life-Saving Power of a Positive Mindset" - An Interview with Steve H. Lawton | The Transformative Leader Podcast 017

In this episode, my guest, Steve H. Lawton, shares his compelling story of how his positive attitude literally saved his life, as well as presents the lessons he has put together in the form of a set of principles and practical tools that can easily be applied in our personal and professional pursuits everyday. 

After a life-threatening ski accident, doctors weren't sure Steve H. Lawton would survive. But because of his attitude, his helmet, a message from God and a rubber chicken named Henrietta, Lawton not only survived, but recovered nearly completely and lives to share his tale and the wonders of positivity. In his new book, Head First! A Crash Course in Positivity (Fedd Books, September 2016), Lawton shares his inspirational story, as well as eight practical positivity principles he took away from the tragedy, and instructions on how to implement them in your life immediately.

The Massive Power of Assuming Positive Intent

Over the course of my continued leadership development and culture transformation work, I have had ample opportunity to have fun with the participants of my workshops/speeches as we learn from each other. One of my favorite exercises …