No Communication is Worse than Poor Communication

Early in my career, I had a boss who was a micro-manager. Really, it might be better to call him a “nano-manager,” with the way he did things. I mean, this guy somehow kept up with every single little detail of everything that was going on in his operation, and no triviality was too small for him to intervene over and put everyone in their place. This was just a couple years after Bill Gates predicted that there would be “a computer on every desk and in every home,” but we weren’t there yet; I can only imagine the level of megalomania this boss would have felt with the internet at his fingertips.

All I Needed to Know About Effective Delegation, I Learned from my Mechanic!

“Do you want me to change out your alternator, or fix your car?!” I can still hear my mechanic's words from 30 years ago, and although at the time it was not clear to me, the simple exchange …