The Transformative Approach to Consulting

A major source of organizational waste in companies today is that we tend to overlook the capabilities of the people we have all around us and rely too much on external resources. This then causes employees to be disenfranchised, disaffected, and resigned, and contributes to a downward spiral of poor morale and sub-optimal results. All of this, in turn, just increases demand for external consultants to come in and fix things and the whole vicious cycle starts all over again!

In Praise of Intrapreneurs: 10 Encouraging Tips for the True Champions of Transformation

Much has been said in praise of entrepreneurs—those intrepid few of us who weather the storms of adversity and uncertainty, who boldly accept the risks of exploring new frontiers, and whose goal is to offers goods and services without the backing of a large organization. As someone who has recently embarked on an entrepreneurial venture of my own, I can certainly attest to and appreciate the recognition that entrepreneurs receive as well-deserved. As laudable as it is to strike out on your own, however, this post is written in honor of those whose choice is no less noble or courageous , i.e. those who choose to stay in their corporate roles and navigate the often-treacherous waters of internal politics and other challenges, all so that they can champion culture transformation from the inside-out. We refer to these brave few, who accomplish what no external force or factor can ever achieve, as the “intrapreneurs.”