10 Practical Tips for Becoming a More Influential Leader

Whether you are a leader with formal authority and a title, or someone who aspires to expand your influence to make a greater difference in your results or the lives of others, you’d be wise to examine your behavior and habits and be intentional about making the adjustments you need to make on the front end to be more effective. As I reflected on the many times I have guided leaders in the process of identifying the mindsets and behaviors they should own up to in themselves, I decided to publish these tips that we can all use to transform the impact we have on others.

The Transformative Approach to Consulting

A major source of organizational waste in companies today is that we tend to overlook the capabilities of the people we have all around us and rely too much on external resources. This then causes employees to be disenfranchised, disaffected, and resigned, and contributes to a downward spiral of poor morale and sub-optimal results. All of this, in turn, just increases demand for external consultants to come in and fix things and the whole vicious cycle starts all over again!

Great Power Is Great Responsibility

An important aspect of leadership development is to recognize the extent of one’s own power and influence, as well as its enormous potential to affect others and the world around us. This is important not only so our power can be properly utilized to effectively serve people and influence the rate of progress, but also to ensure that our exercise of it does not inadvertently create unintended consequences opposite to our stated intentions. No one who wishes to become an effective leader can do so without recognizing that, to quote a well-known mentor, “with great power comes great responsibility.”