3 Ways Your Self-Image May Be Holding You Back

In 10 years, what kind of person will you be, what will you be doing, and what will you have?

I may seem counterintuitive, but the answer to that question is not somewhere “out there,” that is, you can’t look to evidence out in the world to tell you how things are going to be. Rather the answer to this question largely depends on who you envision yourself becoming, doing, and having, based primarily on what you believe you are capable of achieving. First, we tell ourselves the “story” of what we can and can’t do, then we look for clues outside of ourselves to confirm our assumptions, and finally, we set out to ensure our self-fulfilling prophecy comes true. Whether you lead an organization of thousands or you are simply focused on your own personal priorities, how you see yourself and those who depend on you for leadership has everything to do with how things will turn out.