Six Ways Empathy can Sabotage your Effectiveness

I believe we all have a “superpower.” Another way to put it might be that we all have one or two unique gifts or exceptional strengths, something that we excel at with little practice or effort on our part. Our superpower is that character trait or innate ability that comes natural to us and makes us a stronger achiever and contributor because we seem to have an inherent knack for it. I also believe that any strength taken to the extreme that becomes a weakness, and so we must learn to use our superpowers with discretion.

8 Ways to Start Showing Up as your Best Self NOW!

Do you know what your gift is? Do you recognize that you have one? Do you use and share it regularly? Are you able to recognize other people’s gifts and help them put them to good use? An important trait of Transformative Leaders is that they are generous with their gift and they create an environment in which everyone discovers their own gift and brings it to everything they do. You notice I say “gift,” not “gifts.” This is because I am not referring merely to a list of skills that you have mastered and things you can do well. I’m talking about the unique gift that has been a constant contributor to your success and fulfillment as you have expressed it in various ways in different areas of your life.