"People-First Leadership" - An Interview with Brian Dixon | The Transformative Leader Podcast 049

In this episode of The Transformative Leader Podcast, I’m happy to be talking with author, speaker, and business coach, Brian Dixon. Brian believes that people matter, really gets the value of putting others first, and knows that a life of profitable purpose starts by focusing on the people in your life. Listening to them, showing up for them, and serving them are the keys to building the skills it takes to grow and succeed in life, and at work. Brian's new book, Start with Your People, shares how he turned his failing business into a success by changing his leadership style to serving co-workers, family members, and even strangers, and shows others leaders how they can do the same.

"Leadership Starts Right Where You Are" - An Interview with Sue Salvemini | The Transformative Leader Podcast 048

In this episode of The Transformative Leader Podcast, I’m excited to be speaking with author, speaker, and executive leadership coach, Sue Salvemini. Sue is the Founder and President of Focal Pointe Inc., a leadership agency which helps executives and and other professionals realize their potential and achieve their dreams. Sue is passionate about helping individuals connect with their own authentic leadership style so that they love the work they do. In her first book (which I recommend), Leadership by Choice, Sue brings to bear over 25 years of best practices from her personal experience leading and developing teams in both the military and corporate world, along with the experiences of her executive clients and participants in her leadership programs and coaching services.

Being Imperfect Doesn't Disqualify You from Being a Leader

Over the weekend, I got an unscheduled call from one of the employees at a company that I’m currently doing some consulting with. There was nothing unusual about that in itself, as I had made it clear that I was available to pretty much anyone within the organization whenever they felt the need to reach out. This particular employee was calling specifically to ask for my help in getting out of “the stands” and getting back “on the court.” He had just found out that he had been turned down for a promotion that he felt he deserved. He had been doing all the right things and he just knew the formal announcement was coming, only to find out that someone else had gotten the position. Needless to say, the news had left him seriously demoralized and disappointed in himself, and he made the wise decision to seek a little outside support.

"Leadership Without Excuses" - An Interview with Farshad Asl | The Transformative Leader Podcast 033

In this episode of The Transformative Leader Podcast, I am excited to bring you a conversation with a fellow kindred spirit, leadership coach and speaker, Farshad Asl. This is a fascinating and entertaining conversation with a captivating storyteller, and he certainly has some stories to tell! Having immigrated to the U.S. from Iran at the age of 29, with just $400 to his name and without knowing English, Farshad understands the potential transformative power of struggling to make a life for yourself from nothing. As a result of his experiences, however, Farshad came to realize that, as long as he was holding on to excuses, success would be impossible. This was the birth of his “No Excuses Mindset“ philosophy of leadership, which he has used to great success in his life as well as his coaching and speaking practice.