The Indispensable Ingredient to Extraordinary Growth as a Leader

Can you imagine if you didn’t have access to a mirror? Those who are not so concerned with their appearance might be thinking, “That might not be so bad!” But consider how you might feel if you were a model of some kind and your livelihood depended on making sure your appearance was just so. If you needed to make sure that your hair, clothing, make-up, etc. were just right, all in order to make a living, you wouldn’t ever want to be without some way of knowing how you looked and what adjustments you needed to make, right? That would be unacceptable. Now imagine having that same lack of awareness of how well you were doing and what adjustments you needed to make when it came to developing mastery in a certain field or learning to lead other people. What if you never received any feedback on your effectiveness, your performance, strengths, or areas of opportunity you needed to address? For a leader, that situation would be no less acceptable, and yet it is a reality for many of us.

Why Every Leader Should Become Multi-Lingual

If you are uni-lingual and don’t even want to read this post because you’re afraid I am going to talk you into learning a foreign language, please don’t leave! That’s not what I’m talking about…

Feedback - The dreaded "F" word it doesn't have to be

One of the distinct memories I have of the early days of my career is how much I hated to get feedback. The mere mention of the word sent chills down my spine and made me tense up. I knew …

10 Reasons Visioning Often Fails to Produce Results

We have all heard about the power of creating a vision and going for it, simply because as Zig Ziglar put it “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” Several years ago, when the movie “The Secret” came out, my family and I were quite intrigued by the idea of the law of attraction and how it reinforced the notion that just the mere thought of a certain outcome, and dwelling on it as if it has already occurred, increases our chances of attracting it to ourselves.   

There are many organizations whose leaders either do not believe in the power of a vision or have no idea how to actually use this methodology to their advantage. Obviously, this represents a huge opportunity that is obvious to those of us who subscribe to the idea and have successfully employed this principle to produce extraordinary results. However, it is just as important to note that even the leaders who believe in the power of a vision or individuals who believe in the law of attraction fail to produce the kind of results they dream about. I am not suggesting that visioning doesn’t work, but I am clear that there are a number of reasons why a great number of visioning efforts fail. Here are the top ten reasons: