Is Your Boss a Counterfeit Servant Leader?

In my book, The Transformative Leader, I go over 33 distinctions that set High Commitment Cultures (HCC’s) apart from the more traditional “command and control” cultures common to most workplaces. For the most part, because the contrasts are so stark, these distinctions are pretty intuitive and easy to grasp. However, I also introduce the idea of a “counterfeit HCC,” a workplace or organization which on the surface seems like it possesses the characteristics of an HCC, but if you dig just a little bit deeper you can see that it is just a façade. Counterintuitively, oftentimes the behaviors and mindsets that exist within such an organization turn out to be even more toxic than those in an organization which openly admits that they don’t care much about employee engagement and commitment. This post is intended to help you distinguish these types of leaders and develop some insight on what you can do to neutralize their power over the organization.