Six Habits to Supercharge Your Resilience

The defining moments of our transformation journeys are those moments when we experience a setback or encounter an unforeseen challenge. A vision you believe in and a plan you are willing to follow are necessities to get started, but sooner or later, something happens that has the potential to take the wind out of your sails. Resilience in the face of these challenges is what separates those who conquer seemingly insurmountable odds to claim ultimate success, and those who eventually accept defeat and fail to accomplish their goals.

An Introspective Approach to Creating Transformation | The Transformative Leader Podcast 025

Think of the greatest challenge you are facing at your workplace right now. It could be certain results that are falling short of the target. It could be that you're struggling to influence people to collaborate and work together. Maybe you are working on a project with tight timelines and not enough resources. How would you like to significantly accelerate your progress in dealing with this challenge, along with others that might come up along the way? What if you could receive the coaching and support it takes to create breakthrough results and discover just how powerful you are as a leader in the process? This is what happens in The Transformative Leader Workshop and the follow-up coaching and support that the participants receive over the course of 3 months afterwards.

Communication: The Key to Impeccable Integrity

I would argue that, more than any other virtue, rock solid integrity is the one that makes the greatest difference in how much influence a person has and how much they are able to accomplish. For one thing, people are more likely to want to follow and support a leader whose actions are consistent with their words. More importantly, our own ability to count on ourselves to follow through with promises we’ve made—to ourselves and to others—has the profoundest effect on the size of the challenges we are willing to take on in life. Consequently, whether or not we know and relate to ourselves as persons of integrity determines whether or not our endeavors throughout life will end in success or failure. If you know that you are the kind of person who consistently meets the commitments they make, then you tend to play a bigger game in life and declare and pursue and achieve extraordinary things, and if you know that you aren’t that kind of person, you end up not making big promises and settling for an unexceptional life.

5 Steps to Making Your Culture Transformation Stick | The Transformative Leader Podcast 024

In this episode I provide an overview of my latest ebook titled "5 Practical Steps to Make Your Culture Transformation Stick," in which I compare implementation of a new culture to "marketing" a "product" or "service" and go over the five critical steps that are necessary to ensure that the "customers" will "buy it." If you are a leader who takes a holistic approach to change efforts, I know you will find these insights relevant and valuable. For more detail on the topic, I'd invite you to click here and download this 23-page ebook today.

How to Always Make the Right Decision

Throughout our lives, as Stephen Covey puts it, we are “doomed to make choices.” We are all regularly required to make potentially life-altering decisions with significant positive or negative consequences hanging in the balance, and even choosing not to choose doesn’t free us from this dilemma. Whether we are choosing a job, or spouse, or place to live, or university, or the right business to start, and so on, we usually cannot shake the nagging feeling that leaves us wondering if we are making the “right” decision or not. Even with some people being naturally more decisive than others, I believe it is fair to say that we are all concerned about making sure that we don’t make a decision that we later regret.