Engage your people | Fulfill your vision | Deliver breakthrough results

What is it costing your organization to have disengaged employees? What is it costing you and your team to be disempowered, stuck, and frustrated by factors beyond your control?

You need a customized blueprint aimed at building trust, transforming your culture, and empowering your people to deliver breakthrough results.

Let us guide you through the process of unleashing your potential to bring about both success and fulfillment in your workplace.

This Workshop is Most Beneficial to:

  • Organizations in the process of re-structuring or merging

  • Organizations that have brought in consultants but have not been able to get the prescribed changes to stick

  • Leaders who have tried everything to shift their culture, but still can't get the needle to move

  • Those looking for an immediate shift in the results they produce

  • Teams that are not as effective in creating meaningful change in their results and morale, in spite of their knowledge and best intentions

  • Leaders and aspiring leaders, with or without formal authority, who wish to dramatically increase their influence and transform the culture and results of their organizations and communities

  • Large teams for which the Public Workshop would be cost prohibitive

How This Workshop Is Different

Let's face it. There are simply too many of us who, despite our best intentions, are not as productive or fulfilled as we’d like to be. In most cases, it isn’t because we lack the necessary knowledge or skills, and it certainly isn't because we don't have access to sophisticated tools and systems. Rather, unbeknownst to us, there is something holding us back from realizing our full potential in spite of our attempts to become more effective.

Unlike traditional leadership training, our workshops get at the heart of what is holding you back. Most traditional training focuses only on “informative learning,” where participants are merely given tools and skills and knowledge about leadership, all of which end up being limited by underlying disempowering beliefs about oneself and one’s capabilities. Transformative Leader Workshops, however, focus on “transformative learning,” which involves participants adopting the mindset and habits necessary to take full advantage of whatever tools and skills they already possess.

Our workshops are aimed at revealing what is in the way of participants fully utilizing what they already know, and guiding them through the process of examining their mindset, behaviors, and language such that they are able to finally get those obstacles out of the way. As a consequence, participants are left empowered to create an immediate shift in the results they produce, as well as the fulfillment they experience, in their careers and lives.


What Past Participants Have Achieved as a Result of Attending the Private Workshop:


  • 50% promotion rate within 3 months
  • Immediate and unprecedented operational results
  • Significant increase in sales
  • Unified teams working toward the same objectives
  • Increased engagement across the organization
  • Dramatic synergy and collaboration among functions


  • Dramatic transformation in physical health
  • More fulfilling and successful relationships
  • Peace and contentment in the face of adversity
  • Clarity of purpose and direction in life
  • Greater self-awareness and appreciation
  • Enthusiasm to pursue goals that had been on hold

What the Private Workshop Includes:

The content of Amir’s public Transformative Leader Workshop Retreat, delivered on-site to your organization at a location of your choosing, plus...

  • A workshop journal/planner for every participant

  • A complimentary copy of Amir’s book, The Transformative Leader, and a Distinction Card Deck for each participant

  • Exclusive discounts on items in the store

  • A 26-week book study guide for The Transformative Leader

  • Five 30-minute one-to-one coaching calls with Amir for individual participants to be assigned by the host organization

  • A private dinner with Amir for the group on the night before the session at the organization’s request