"Developing Leaders in the New Millenium" - An Interview with Scott Eblin | The Transformative Leader Podcast 032

In this episode of The Transformative Leader Podcast, I am delighted to bring you a conversation with a fellow kindred spirit and leadership development professional, Scott Eblin of the Eblin Group. Using his decades of experience in the corporate world, Scott brings unique insight and holistic perspective to bear in his practice, providing powerful and actionable ways for executive level leaders to consistently perform at the next level. While both Scott and I have similar philosophies when it comes to leadership development and training, as well as making our writing style accessible to the masses, he has been in the game for considerably longer than myself, so you won’t want to miss this interview to see where we agree or differ. (Spoiler alert: We agree on everything!)

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In this instructive conversation, Scott explains some of lessons, observations, models, and techniques he has developed over his decades long career. These include the Three Leadership Imperatives (managing yourself, leveraging your team, engaging your colleagues), the Life GPS model, and the TRACK approach to effective delegation. He provides observations about how leaders and organizations have changed in the past 18 years, often focusing less on self-care and self-awareness for the sake of efficiency and speed. Scott also emphasizes the perspective that to “lead at your best, you have to live at your best,“ that you cannot be extraordinary in one part of your life and failing to take responsibility in others.

Scott is president of The Eblin Group, a leadership development firm he co-founded with his wife almost 20 years ago, committed to helping executives lead and live at their best. As a recognized expert on leadership, global speaker, best-selling author, and executive coach, Scott works with many of the world’s best known companies and organizations. Eblin is an honors graduate of Davidson College and holds a master's degree in public administration from Harvard University. He has a certificate in leadership coaching from Georgetown University and was a 10 year faculty member of that program.

To learn more about his practice and approach, visit Scott’s website. To learn more about and purchase the forthcoming 3rd edition of his best-selling book, The Next Level: What Insiders Know About Executive Success, praised by the likes of Marshall Goldsmith, Jim Kouzes, and others, you can visit the book’s dedicated website. You can also connect with Scott on Twitter, @scotteblin, and LinkedIn, @scotteblin.

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