Coaching Credits


Coaching Credits


Prior to purchasing your coaching credits, please be sure to have your Agreement Number handy.

If you do not have an Agreement Number and would like to be considered as a coaching client, please fill out this coaching request form to begin the process of creating a Coaching Agreement with Amir.

During your initial conversation, we will discuss your objectives and the coaching package and pricing that best suits your particular situation. Once that process is complete, you will be able to purchase the appropriate number of coaching credits here, using your coaching agreement number.

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Amir’s coaching methodology is rooted in the fundamental conviction that there is already a Transformative Leader inside each of us and we accelerate our rate of progress as well as our fulfillment once we can see what is in the way of us accessing the ever-present leader within.

Although Amir places great emphasis on the fact that coaching must be done in the context of specific goals, Amir’s clients have consistently reported unexpected transformations on the personal and professional front, well beyond the initial objectives they had set out to achieve.

Amir is best known for what he calls “spicy coaching.” This type of coaching essentially encourages the coaching client to get in touch with certain truths that they have been avoiding or working around, thus enabling them to recognize that by doing so they unleash their ability to transform their results and fulfillment of every area of life. Even though this process can sometimes be a little challenging, there’s no need to be apprehensive; Amir is adept at delivering his spicy coaching in a way that is powerfully compelling and empowering, rather than condemning.

The methodology Amir uses to coach clients is to, first and foremost, understand their current situation, specific goals and aspirations, and concerns about how they might get from “here” to “there.” Then, through a methodical step-wise approach, Amir guides clients in clearing the noise distracting them from their goals, and in devising and executing a plan that prioritizes the most impactful milestones to reach to ensure the success of their transformative journey. Throughout the process, Amir considers himself an accountability partner with vested interest in the client’s success.
Our coaching packages are designed to cater to a range of clients, from those who are looking to gain clarity and develop a plan of action through a 3-session coaching engagement, to those who would like to receive on-going coaching as they execute and expand on their plan over the long-haul.