"Above and beyond my expectations.
I left feeling energized and exhilarated with the possibilities to transform."

- C. Tabke

If you have ever wondered why, in spite of your best intentions and abilities, you are just not as productive or fulfilled as you’d like to be, then this workshop is for you.

Our proven methodology and approach has been used in organizations across the globe and multiple industries to successfully help leaders and their teams transform their workplace cultures and deliver breakthrough results. With the Transformative Leader Public Workshop, we make this innovative approach available to anyone who is serious about taking themselves—and their workplace or community—to that next level of performance and satisfaction.

In our workshops we go beyond the traditional approach of merely giving you more information and tools. We show you the hidden saboteurs that are holding you back from applying what you already know and getting the most out of the investments that you have already made in your people and processes and yourself. We accomplish this by taking you through three distinct but interrelated phases. Namely, Personal Transformation, Culture Transformation, and the development of a detailed Transformation Blueprint. We then support you over the 3-month period following the workshop with one-on-one coaching sessions and webinars and community discussions to empower you to stay the course and take full advantage of the insights you got from the workshop.

We have had nothing but rave reviews and reports of phenomenal results, personally and professionally, from our past participants and we invite you to join us and become part of our growing community.

Attend a retreat where we guide you in fulfilling your vision and engaging your people by equipping you with the tools, skills, and mindset necessary to increase your influence & effectiveness as a leader.

What Will it Cost Me?

The best way to gauge the value of the workshop is to assess the cost of maintaining the status quo. What is it costing your organization to have employees actively disengaged at work? What is it costing you to work in a stressful environment? How many days of productivity are you losing to a silo mentality and poor communication? What's it costing you as a leader to be disempowered, stuck, and at the mercy of external barriers?

Your current work environment could be costing you more than you can afford to lose already.

What would it be worth to you and your organization if the workplace were a source of inspiration where everyone brought their best to work everyday, where they collaborated with and contributed to one another, and where the objectives of the team members and those of the organization were inseparable?

*Prices are subject to change

What People are Saying

"There are moments in your career where you can point and say, this or that was an event that helped me grow to be a better leader. Spending 3 days in a leadership session with Amir was one of those times." James W.

"This workshop has been THE best self development I've participated in during my entire career. Amir is excellent about using real life examples to help you understand the topic. I also appreciate that everything in this course can be applied to both my personal and professional life. I am on fire to take this back to my teams and see this transformation happen." Lisa B., Regence

"This training really opened my eyes in many areas...I just wanted to thank you again and say that this was the best training that I have received in my 35 year career."John D.

"This workshop helped me to truly reflect on myself as an employee and as a person. I have taken away insights and tools that I know will help to create a culture never thought possible in the workplace. Amir has been a great coach who really understands the aspects of the human mind that can be used to create lasting change." Matt S., Kings Hawaiian

"What’s unique about this workshop is that its primary theme is that we let too much of the past cloud how we react to the present and the future. Amir does a wonderful job of creating an interactive environment that promotes transparent sharing among all attendees."Scott G.

"The opportunity to be a part of the small intimate workshop has been so energizing. It allows for time to get to the depth you otherwise cannot discuss when in larger group settings. I have learned about how I can be better and in turn better support my team as a leader. I am inspired to continue to transform and be a driver of transformation." Jackie HH., Regence

"Fantastic experience, phenomenal presentation, and transformative information. Loved the workshop! It showed me where I am being a barrier and why, so that I can move from surviving to thriving!" — Ella H.

“I came into this workshop during a time in both my work life and personal life when I was stepping into new, unknown challenges and feeling heavy and burdened with whether things I needed to do or wanted to do were actually impossible… I now have a clear view on what the real issues are, plus a plan I feel is achievable when I walk out of here. Can't say enough about this experience." Amy H., Cambia Health Solutions

"Helped me to identify self-defeating thoughts and ideas that hindered my confidence in moving forward." — Kimberly T.

"This is hands-down the best training that I have attended ever! The objectives were clear and the tools to reach our goals are readily available." Past Participant

"[This] is information that will be remembered for life and used both personally and professionally." — Past Participant

"Best training I've ever received! Opened up a new way of thinking!" — Past Participant

"If you want peace in your life, on your job, this is a great place to start." — Past Participant

"This workshop gives you the tools to go from ordinary to extraordinary." — Past Participant