"Amir Ghannad is the culture spark that every organization needs.
He has a unique set of experiences that allow him to inspire everyone he meets to take ownership of their own destiny and push themselves to be extraordinary."

- Maria Gamble
Senior Product Manager, R&D, Campbell Soup Company

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Build Trust
Within Your Organization

We'll show you how to build trust in your organization through simple and effective changes in your behavior and communication, no matter the state of your workplace.

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Create a Culture Where Everyone Feels Valued

Phony incentives and empty slogans don't work. Cultivate an environment where your people enthusiastically offer up their commitment to achieving the organization's vision.


Become a
Transformative Leader

Walk away with the tools, skills, and mindset to boldly declare, courageously pursue, and abundantly achieve the extraordinary, personally and professionally.

If you have ever wondered why, in spite of your best intentions and abilities, you are just not as productive or fulfilled as you’d like to be,
then our workshops are for you.

What past participants have said...

What Will it Cost Me?

The best way to gauge the value of the workshop is to assess the cost of maintaining the status quo. What is it costing your organization to have employees actively disengaged at work? What is it costing you to work in a stressful environment? How many days of productivity are you losing to a silo mentality and poor communication? What's it costing you as a leader to be disempowered, stuck, and at the mercy of external barriers?

Your current work environment could be costing you more than you can afford to lose already.

What would it be worth to you and your organization if the workplace were a source of inspiration where everyone brought their best to work everyday, where they collaborated with and contributed to one another, and where the objectives of the team members and those of the organization were inseparable?

Upcoming Retreats

Summer 2019, Date TBD
Atlanta, GA

*Group discounts available for groups of 3 people or more