TTLP 001 : Fundamental Principles of Transformative Leadership

In this episode

  • Hear part of Amir's career story and how it culminated in him creating The Transformative Leader

  • Learn some of the basic beliefs and principles of Transformative Leadership, as introduced by Amir in his book and workshops

  • Get a glimpse into the "hidden saboteurs of success and fulfillment" and begin to discover ways of counteracting them


In the inaugural episode of The Transformative Leader Podcast, Amir Ghannad introduces listeners to himself and his background before diving right in to explaining some of the basic concepts of Transformative Leadership. These ideas will be immediately familiar to readers of his book, although even they will find these concepts more impactful coming directly from the author himself, as attendees of his workshops or keynote speeches can attest. In this episode, listeners will learn what it takes to be and show up as a Transformative Leader, who can be a Transformative Leader, and the foundational beliefs of Transformative Leaders. Listeners will also be introduced to the "hidden saboteurs of success and fulfillment," which are the ways in which we unknowingly hold ourselves back from being as effective as we can be, as well as ways of addressing these "hidden saboteurs" in practical terms.