"Leadership Starts Right Where You Are" - An Interview with Sue Salvemini | The Transformative Leader Podcast 048

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In this episode of The Transformative Leader Podcast, I’m excited to be speaking with author, speaker, and executive leadership coach, Sue Salvemini. Sue is the Founder and President of Focal Pointe Inc., a leadership agency which helps executives and and other professionals realize their potential and achieve their dreams. Sue is passionate about helping individuals connect with their own authentic leadership style so that they love the work they do. In her first book (which I recommend), Leadership by Choice, Sue brings to bear over 25 years of best practices from her personal experience leading and developing teams in both the military and corporate world, along with the experiences of her executive clients and participants in her leadership programs and coaching services.

I don’t think I need to say it, but I will anyway: Sue is definitely another kindred spirit! I really enjoyed our conversation, and i know listeners will too. Despite our different “leader origin stories,“ we were both aligned on the fact that leadership is not about title or position, but a specific mindset and behaviors that can be learned and practiced by anyone within an organization. By realizing that their attitude is what influences our behavior and circumstances, and not the other way around, we are all capable of tapping into our innate, unique leadership potential to maximize our impact and fulfillment. All in all, it was a fun and enlightening conversation with a passionate guest who really gets it when it comes to leadership.

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • How Sue discovered her passion for leadership, and how her journey took her from ROTC to the military to the medical field and the corporate world.

  • What an “authentic leadership style” really means, how we all have one based on our unique combination of characteristics, and how we can and must get it touch with it for ourselves to become true leaders.

  • How the first person we all lead are ourselves, and how that is our access to leading others and influencing them to become leaders in their own right.

  • Why getting clear on one’s vision, values, goals, by practicing so-called “touchy feely“ stuff like visualization, is key to maximizing leadership potential, as well as achieving success and fulfillment in every area of life.

  • The indispensable value of coaching, especially for those who are already “successful,“ to take them to the next level or performance and fulfillment.


Sue Salvemini (BS, MEd) is an author, speaker, and executive leadership coach with over 25 years of experience helping leaders and teams align their work with their core values for maximum impact and fulfillment. Sue is the Founder and President of Focal Pointe Consulting Group, Inc., established in 2016. Sue is an iPEC Certified Professional Coach and a Certified Energy Leadership™ Index Master Practitioner. Additionally, Sue has worked extensively with Myers Briggs™, DISC™ and Situational Leadership™ models. Married to her husband of over 20 years and mother of their three teenagers, Sue has a refreshing sense of humor and appreciation about the rewards and challenges of wearing many hats while building a purposeful career you truly embrace.

To learn more about Sue and her work, you can visit her website. Her book, which I highly recommend, is available for purchase on Amazon. You can connect with Sue on LinkedIn and email her at Sue@FocalPointeInc.com

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