"Leadership and Culture Keys for Startup Success" - An Interview with Marc Sellouk | The Transformative Leader Podcast 037

In this episode of The Transformative Leader Podcast, I am happy to bring you a conversation with entrepreneur, founder of Transbeam, and CEO of Flewber, Marc Sellouk. Marc is a successful entrepreneur, having built up his previous venture, Transbeam, into a multi-million dollar business by applying the lessons of servant leadership and culture development that all Transformative Leaders practice. Although he has moved on to his next project, Flewber, he continues to bring this leadership philosophy to bear to build an agile, resilient culture that is sure to bring extraordinary value to both customers and employees alike. (I have to say that, from my own experience, the idea of Flewber, an air taxi service available to all professionals, seems like a godsend for people like myself who travel frequently for work, and I’m sure it is the same for many of our listeners!) During the course of our conversation, we talk about the specific principles Marc has applied to bring his ventures to extraordinary success. An entertaining and lively discussion that no one will want to miss.

In our conversation, Marc gives a bit of his background and how he began to discover some of the cultural keys to entrepreneurial success. Suffice it to say, there is no substitute for experience, and many of his lessons he learned, like I did, in the school of hard knocks. Marc emphasize the importance of culture especially when it comes to startups and entrepreneurship, because a company that is cohesive and resilient is able to respond better to changes in the market and face competition. Marc also stresses that leaders must be both patient and diligent when it comes to transforming the culture, and must learn to see themselves as a peer to those they lead, trying to understand things from their perspective. We also talk a bit about how solopreneurs and even individuals in a traditional workplace can begin to put these principles to work for themselves.

Marc Sellouk is the president and CEO of Flewber, an air taxi service that is accessible to all professionals, not just the elite. Marc launched Flewber to combine his lifelong passion for aviation with the business experience he gained founding a telecom company, Transbeam, as a 20-year-old college student. After more than two decades of building Transbeam into a multi-digit million dollar operation, Marc successfully sold the company and pursued his dream of becoming a pilot. Marc credits his success to his determination, commitment and love of overcoming a challenge, not to mention the dedicated partners and team members he’s had the privilege to work alongside.

To learn more about Flewber and sign up to be notified of news, visit the website, which will be updated in the coming weeks. An app will also become available soon, so check your app store in the coming month as well. You can also connect with Marc on LinkedIn.

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