"Leading Through Customer Service" - An Interview with Dan Sachs | The Transformative Leader Podcast 034

In this episode of The Transformative Leader Podcast, I am delighted to bring you a conversation with customer service guru and workplace culture expert, Dan Sachs. In this episode, we discuss the topic of leadership and culture transformation from a perspective that isn’t often talked about, and that’s from the point of view of customer service. As Dan notes, almost every modern industry interfaces directly with customers, whether internal or external, and this interface provides the opportunity to put forth a “million dollar greeting.“ We are all customers of some service or product in some form or fashion, so this is a topic relevant to all of us.


In this fascinating conversation, Dan provides his keen insights on the intersection between customer service, culture, and leadership best practices. Dan explains the 5 steps that successful businesses use to create workplace cultures that deliver extraordinary results and satisfaction, and that a culture of empathy and care is always at the core of successful organizations. He provides an interesting history of customer service over the past 80 years or so, and details how changes in how customer service has been approached have necessitated the development of different leadership strategies. He also goes over the 3 different roles that leaders can take in these organizations, and why it is important to for leaders to be able to switch between these roles on-the-fly.

Dan Sachs is the president of Meerkat Restaurant Advisory, and Professor of Entrepreneurship, Hospitality Management, and Service Leadership at DePaul University. He works with leaders, organizations and entrepreneurs to help them delivery extraordinary customer service cultures that create higher profits, brand loyalty, and a vibrant workplace that employees are excited to be a part of. His most recent book, The Million Dollar Greeting, uncovers the success secrets of nine large and mid-sized companies across the country, gathered through in-depth interviews with their leaders, and identifies the best in class customer services practices that any business can adopt to ensure their own breakthrough results.

To learn more about Dan and his work, visit his website. You can also connect with Dan on LinkedIn, @dan-sachs, and email him at dsachs@depaul.edu.

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