"Leadership Without Excuses" - An Interview with Farshad Asl | The Transformative Leader Podcast 033

In this episode of The Transformative Leader Podcast, I am excited to bring you a conversation with a fellow kindred spirit, leadership coach and speaker, Farshad Asl. This is a fascinating and entertaining conversation with a captivating storyteller, and he certainly has some stories to tell! Having immigrated to the U.S. from Iran at the age of 29, with just $400 to his name and without knowing English, Farshad understands the potential transformative power of struggling to make a life for yourself from nothing. As a result of his experiences, however, Farshad came to realize that, as long as he was holding on to excuses, success would be impossible. This was the birth of his “No Excuses Mindset“ philosophy of leadership, which he has used to great success in his life as well as his coaching and speaking practice. As a fellow Iranian immigrant that also graduated from the “school of hard knocks,” I can certainly attest to Farshad’s great success being the result of a tenacity and profound insight that can arise only from personal experience and commitment to something greater than oneself.


In this inspiring conversation, Farshad recounts the challenges of immigrating to the U.S., and how this led him to become driven to achieve personal success, and leading and coaching others to do the same. He speaks about the various aspects of his No Excuses Mindset and the importance of clarity of vision for every organization and leader. Farshad also reminds us of the importance of servant leadership by pointing out that, by definition, all leadership must be focused on others. He briefly goes over John Maxwell’s 5 levels of leadership, and ends by giving an account of his leadership and advocacy work with inmates in a California prison.

Farshad Asl is a serial entrepreneur, Regional Director of Bankers Life, Founder of Top Leaders, Inc., a certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, an internationally renowned speaker, and an Amazon bestselling author. As a result of building one of the country’s largest sales organizations, Farshad received many honors, such as the Excalibur Award, the Coat of Arms, the Frontline Leader Award from GAMA International (Diamond level) and has been a member of the Executive Council for nearly a decade. From corporate boardrooms to places of worship to county jails, Farshad frequently provides passionate and transformational lectures in transformational leadership and entrepreneurship. His LinkedIn account publishes weekly motivational articles, attracting hundreds of engaged readers.

To learn more about Farshad and his approach, visit his website. You can visit the dedicated website for his top bestseller, The “No Excuses” Mindset, as well as purchase Farshad’s other books, Men Built For Others: Life Lessons from Those Serving Life Sentences, and Recruiting Basics 101, on Amazon. You can also connect with Farshad and read his weekly articles on LinkedIn, @farshadasl, and email him at Farshadi@me.com.

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