A Crash Course in Effective Public Speaking | The Transformative Leader Podcast 027

Whether you are a professional speaker or aspire to overcome your fear of public speaking and effectively convey your message, I believe you will find the tips and suggestions in this episode to be practical and immediately applicable. In this audio recap of my recent blog post, I go beyond the traditional public speaking tips and share a number of powerful ideas in three categories of actionable suggestions, namely, "Know your audience," "Know your message," and "Effective Delivery." Any one of these suggestions has the potential to make you a more effective presenter, but combined, they will ensure that you transform your ability to contribute to and influence others in a way that makes a difference for them, personally and professionally.

Keep in mind that this list of suggestions is not intended to be exhaustive for becoming an expert speaker. I may do a follow-up episode or blog post that goes more in-depth into that if there is interest from listeners, however, these are the practices that I have followed to become effective and successful speaker, and I continue to follow them to this day, and I'm sure they will be of great help to anyone who puts them to use.

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