5 Steps to Making Your Culture Transformation Stick | The Transformative Leader Podcast 024

I challenge you to think of one initiative you have going on or any improvement effort you are working on that does not involve culture change. Can you think of any change that your organization is undergoing, or should be undergoing, that would not dramatically benefit from more effective leadership? Of course not! Sustainable shifts in the results and morale of an organization always involve some form of culture change, yet so many leaders are completely in the dark. In spite of their best intentions and their hard work, they fall short in creating a significant shift in the behaviors that are delivering today's undesirable results.

In this episode I provide an overview of my latest ebook titled "5 Practical Steps to Make Your Culture Transformation Stick," in which I compare implementation of a new culture to "marketing" a "product" or "service" and go over the five critical steps that are necessary to ensure that the "customers" will "buy it." If you are a leader who takes a holistic approach to change efforts, I know you will find these insights relevant and valuable. For more detail on the topic, I'd invite you to click here and download this 23-page ebook today.

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