Want Your Expectations Met? Give Them Up! | The Transformative Leader Podcast 020

The most common factor that derails our efforts to pursue our goals or cultivate fulfilling relationships, personally and professionally, is that we let our "unmet expectations" get the best of us. We set out to achieve a certain goal and we put a great deal of effort into making it happen, and at some point we give up because we are disappointed with the lack of progress we "should" have been making. We start a relationship that we have always dreamed of and at some point decide that our partner seems to be giving less and taking more, and so we start to do the same. In this episode, I discuss the root cause of why and how we tend to sabotage ourselves in these ways and offer a simple solution that can be practiced immediately.

The concepts I am going to talk about in this episode are responsible some of the most powerful transformations I have seen in my many years of teaching and coaching on leadership. I am confident that if you consider them and take them for a test drive, you will see immediate impact on your level of fulfillment and results as well.

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  • Episode 4 of the Transformative Leader Podcast, on the relationship between goals and transformation.

  • Karma Yoga, a very similar concept to being fully committed with zero attachment, found in Hinduism.

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