"The Life-Saving Power of a Positive Mindset" - An Interview with Steve H. Lawton | The Transformative Leader Podcast 017

In this episode, my guest, Steve H. Lawton, shares his compelling story of how his positive attitude literally saved his life, as well as presents the lessons he has put together in the form of a set of principles and practical tools that can easily be applied in our personal and professional pursuits everyday. 

After a life-threatening ski accident, doctors weren't sure Steve H. Lawton would survive. But because of his attitude, his helmet, a message from God and a rubber chicken named Henrietta, Lawton not only survived, but recovered nearly completely and lives to share his tale and the wonders of positivity. In his new book, Head First! A Crash Course in Positivity (Fedd Books, September 2016), Lawton shares his inspirational story, as well as eight practical positivity principles he took away from the tragedy, and instructions on how to implement them in your life immediately.

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Through his unique experiences, Lawton has molded his messages and insights about how to create a positive mindset, lead with positivity and achieve better outcomes for individuals and organizations. He uses his 27 years of business experience in roles from an engineer in the astronaut office at NASA to an executive at Dell to help leaders to perform better and companies achieve better results. The lessons apply in personal situations as well, no matter what kind of challenges you face.

Lawton holds 2 US Patents, a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from Texas A&M University, as well as an MBA from St. Edward’s University. He has spoken at large corporations like Dell, Accenture, Starbucks, EMC, and VMware, has been featured on LittleThingsUSA, KVUE news, has been a guest lecturer at Texas A&M University, the University of Texas, and has been featured as a TEDx speaker.

Connect with Steve on the following social media platforms:
Twitter:  @SteveHLawton
Facebook:  @stevehlawton/
Linked In:  steve-h-lawton
Instagram: SteveH.Lawton

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