The Unifying Focus of Transformative Leadership | The Transformative Leader Podcast 015

If there is one lesson I have learned during the past 31 years in various corporate leadership roles across three continents, it is that breaking down the silos and unifying an organization behind a cause that inspires them should be the highest priority, no matter what specific business or technical challenges the organization may be facing. The one common thread among all the successful organizational transformations of which I have been a part was that we were able to convince a group of talented individuals—who had heretofore been more interested in, and more adept at, optimizing their functional or business silos and cliques than optimizing the company as a whole—to come together as a united team to achieve something that they collectively considered to be worthwhile.  

This episode is a recap and expansion of previous blog post titled "8 Traits of Unifying Leaders."

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