An Interview with Jennifer Lannom | The Transformative Leader Podcast 014

The guest on this episode of The Transformative Leader podcast is Jennifer Lannom, a former colleague who has great passion for creating High Performance Organizations (HPO) and a proven natural ability to do so in a variety of business situations.

Jennifer is a Human Resources Business Partner who has provided leadership and support on implementing high performance teams across multiple manufacturing locations. She has additionally led the development of Supply Chain Talent Strategy, including training and development, recruiting, career pathing, and performance management. During her 18-year career, Jennifer has held a range of leadership roles in Human Resources, Safety, Continuous Improvement, and Production Management in food, textile, paper, and medical device companies. 

I have personally had the pleasure of working closely with Jennifer to support her efforts, and I am so happy to bring to my listeners her down-to-earth, practical, and actionable perspective on what it takes to turn unproductive and toxic work environments into HPO’s that deliver extraordinary business results and create fulfillment for employees. 

A few of the specific topics Jennifer and I go over in this episode, among others, are:

  • The tangible business benefits of the transformation from a traditional environment to a high-performance organization.

  • Two of the greatest challenges that we have personally seen people struggle with in creating HPO’s, and how to overcome them.

  • How to “sell” the idea of moving to a high-performance team environment to the front line and salaried workforce.

  • Valuable advice and perspective for an organization looking to create the HPO transformation shift successfully.

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