The 4 Phases of Transformative Coaching | The Transformative Leader Podcast 013

Let’s face it, anybody who is up to something worthwhile needs a coach. Olympic Athletes all have coaches, not because they are terrible at what they do, but because they are great and they are going for something even greater, and they know they can’t do it without the support of a coach. The same holds true in every area of our lives, and especially when it comes to leadership.

In today’s podcast I go over the coaching methodology and framework that I have developed and utilized over the years with the intention to inspire you to enhance your ability to coach, or be coached, more effectively. I go over the four iterative phases of my coaching approach and discuss specific deliverables and objectives for each phase, as I guide my clients from gaining clarity to developing a strategy, to executing with accountability, and finally expanding their influence far beyond their initial objectives.

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