The Paradox of Transformative Leadership | The Transformative Leader Podcast 010

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There are no magic bullets when it comes to Transformative Leadership. Whether you are committed to transforming some aspect of your personal life or improving your performance or fulfillment at work, or you have leadership responsibilities anywhere else in life, there is no single skill or tool or capability that magically changes the game. There is, however, a mindset that acts as the glue that brings all other necessary ingredients for transformation together. One without which you will most certainly not succeed in causing a transformation, no matter how skilled or resourceful you are. That mindset is one of accepting full accountability for the outcome you are committed to creating and not allowing your thoughts about your own interests deter you from pursuing your mission. This mindset is summed up in my favorite phrase, "I am the One and it's not about me!" In this episode, I explain the essence of this seemingly paradoxical statement and its profound impact on people and organizations that truly take it on.

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