Lead by Principles, not Rules | The Transformative Leader Podcast 008

In this episode, I address one of the most fundamental distinctions between a High Commitment Culture and a traditional, command and control culture, which is principle-based leadership in the former and rule-based management in the latter. Managing by rules is easy. Anybody can open up the rule book and make mindless decisions  regardless of the specific circumstances involved. It take a leader to have the courage to make principle-based decisions that may seem inconsistent but are indeed consistent with the values that the leader subscribes to. principle-based leadership is far more productive and fulfilling than having a bunch of rules in place in a failed attempt to control people and force them to comply. If you have leadership responsibilities, it is time you evaluated some of the policies and rules at your workplace to either make sure they add value or eliminate them and replace them with principles and guidelines. If you don't have leadership responsibilities, listen to the podcast for some ideas that you could use to influence your workplace to become a more principle-based environment.

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