An Interview with Leadership Expert, Mack Story | The Transformative Leader Podcast 003

For this week's podcast, I invited my friend and leadership expert, Mack Story, to share his extraordinary journey from front-line machine operator to top leadership roles and ultimately leadership motivational speaker. Mack's passion for empowering people in the workplace is one that has been developed over many years of practical experience. In this episode, Mack shares some of his leadership philosophies, such as the distinction between success and significance, as well some specific tips, such as the "Rule of 5," that have had a profound effect on his success and fulfillment, and which will certainly make a difference for anyone else who is willing to practice them. This episode is a must listen for not only leaders who want to become more effective in their roles, but also those without formal leadership titles who would like to increase their influence and impact. 

In case you are interested in exploring some of the references that Mack makes in this podcast further, here are a few links:

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Mack’s story is an amazing journey of personal and professional growth. He began his career in manufacturing on the front lines of a machine shop. He grew himself into upper management and found his niche in lean manufacturing and along with it, developed his passion for leadership while leading leaders and their teams through over 11,000 hours of process improvement, organizational change, and cultural transformation. He understands that everything rises and falls on leadership. He co-founded his consulting, training, coaching, and speaking business, Top Story Leadership with his wife, Ria Story, in 2008. Together, they have published 15 books on personal growth and leadership development.

Mack and I met several months ago and quickly figured out we were kindred spirits, committed to helping people live extraordinary lives.

Mack’s experience as a Leadership Coach, Trainer, and Speaker includes an international training event in Guatemala with John C. Maxwell as part of the Cultural Transformation in Guatemala where more than 20,000 Guatemalan leaders were trained. Some of Mack's clients include: Chick-fil-A, Kimberly Clark, Koch Industries, Cobb County Govt, and Auburn University.

Mack and Ria are putting on two leadership training workshops at the end of January, which I am certain would be a very worthwhile investment in your leadership development journey. Register to attend here.

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