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10 Practical Steps for Creating High Performance Organizations | The Transformative Leader Podcast 019

I have yet to come across an organization who would not want to be a High Performance Organizations (HPO) but in spite of their best intentions, very few teams make significant progress in that direction. This is partly because we often fail to design and execute a holistic process that addresses all important aspects of creating an HPO. Over the years, I have created a framework that has been customized and used to design and implement the key elements of an HPO in a variety of situations, ranging from green field operations to existing ones in different parts of their journey. In this episode, I go over 10 of the most important steps in this framework in a recap of one of my blog posts.

The Destructive Dilemma of Uncommon Objectives

One of the most fundamental attributes of High Commitment Cultures (HCC) is that they create common objectives between the employees and the organization such that the employees are not constantly faced with the dilemma of having to choose between doing what’s right for themselves, or what’s right for the company. One of the key levers for creating common objectives is to ensure that the reward and recognition programs are designed in such a way that employees are rewarded for doing what’s right for the company and are therefore compelled to do so without hesitation.