A Counter-intuitive Approach to Creating a Culture of Accountability


How would you rate the level of accountability in your organization? How about your own personal accountability? 

Many organizations that suffer from poor results and low morale attribute their inability to make sustainable improvements to lack of accountability in the organization. When I ask teams to rate the level of accountability in their organization on a scale of 0-10—10 being a state where every individual feels and acts completely in an accountable manner—I generally get a rating between 4 and 6. When asked to rate their own personal accountability, individuals on the same team generally respond with a rating of 7-9. In other words, the thinking goes, “If everybody else were as accountable as I am, the world would be a great place.” This, of course, is normal. As I have mentioned before, our natural tendency is to judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behavior. But where do we go from here? How can we shift the level of accountability in the organization to 9-10?

Giving Up: An Essential Part of Becoming an Effective Leader

I am a firm believer that realizing one’s full potential as a leader is much more about identifying and giving up what’s in the way than it is about acquiring new skills or tools. Yet, most seekers and providers …