Power of Giving

Transform Your Workplace Experience in One Simple Step

We live in a world in which the vast majority of people are simply tolerating their jobs and we think it’s normal for things to be that way. Very few people are excited about going to work, something that holds true regardless of industry or place on the organizational chart. Although there are some solid statistics that show this is the case, you don’t have to look further than the people around you or your friends—or even in the mirror—to know that most of us aren’t celebrating the opportunity to go to work and participate in making a meaningful contributions to our teams and clients while growing and feeling recognized and rewarded.

8 Ways to Start Showing Up as your Best Self NOW!

Do you know what your gift is? Do you recognize that you have one? Do you use and share it regularly? Are you able to recognize other people’s gifts and help them put them to good use? An important trait of Transformative Leaders is that they are generous with their gift and they create an environment in which everyone discovers their own gift and brings it to everything they do. You notice I say “gift,” not “gifts.” This is because I am not referring merely to a list of skills that you have mastered and things you can do well. I’m talking about the unique gift that has been a constant contributor to your success and fulfillment as you have expressed it in various ways in different areas of your life.