The Transformative Leader Podcast is here!

It has been over a year since I started publishing my weekly blog posts and I’m grateful to those of you who follow along, and for the feedback you have provided. I’m happy to announce that after publishing 59 weekly blog posts, I have now launched an alternate way to reach those of you who are interested in listening to, rather than reading, my messages about transformative leadership. Listen here and head over to iTunes or Stitcher to subscribe to my feed and download today's inaugural episode. 

The topics of discussion are my fundamental beliefs about leadership, which are at the core of my writing, speaking, and teaching. I felt it would be good to establish this foundation for those who have not had much exposure to my material. For many of you, today’s episode will serve as a reminder and reinforcement of a few principles that we all know but often forget or fail to operate by.

My plan is to alternate between blog posts and podcasts every week in the foreseeable future. If you have a question you'd like answered, or a topic you'd like me to discuss, please leave a comment below or hop over to my podcast page and leave me a voice message at the bottom of the page.

As always, gave a great week! May you Boldly Declare, Courageously Pursue, and Abundantly Achieve the Extraordinary! I would love to hear about your victories and/or challenges. Please leave your comments below or send me an email at

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